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Montreal Tramways 2600

Montreal Tramways 2600
  • Builder: Canadian Car & Foundry Co.
  • Year: 1929
  • Operator: Montreal Tramways
  • City: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Retired: 1959
  • Acquired: 1959
Photo by Matthew D. Cosgro


By William E. Wood, December 2001

Montreal Tramways ordered light-weight, double-truck No. 2600 in 1929 as part of an order for 40 single-end, single-man cars and 6 double-end, single-man cars to be numbered 2600 - 2605 (renumbered in 1956 as 2005 - 2010) from Canadian Car & Foundry Co.  The car weight is 37,000 lbs. and rides on A-10 trucks with 26" wheels. For service in Montreal, Westinghouse provided an up grade to their 35hp. WH 510 motor.  Known as WH 510-A - 2 it is rated 42 hp. Length is 41' - 2" overall.

These double end cars were intended primarily for Bordeaux and Montreal Lines. It is interesting to note that the operation of the Tramway only became 100% single man operation in its last 12 months, with operation closing on August 30th, 1959.

2005 was acquired in 1959 by Mr. Donald G. Snelgrove for the museum, and arrived that same year.

Restoration Notes

Its original number of 2600 was restored.

1983 - The car was partially restored at the museum.

2001 - Additional work was done on the car, including complete overhaul of the roof, which included a new canvas roof, roof boards, etc.

2017 - The rattan seating was redone.


Seats: 32+2
Weight: 18.5 tons
Length: 41 feet
Trucks: 2 - Canadian C&F F790
Controls: 2 - K35-XB
Motors: 4 - Westinghouse 510-A-2
Brakes: Safety Air
Compressor: DH-16


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