Where Are They Now


Periodically we will place an older photo in this section that contains images of some who have served as volunteers, officers or roust-a-bouts ;-) at the CTM. Some will have dropped out of active duty, for various reasons, yet some may still be actively involved - all will have spent some amount of their valued time helping this Museum to grow. We do not wish their acts of volunteerism - whatever their length of service or reason for departure - to be extinguished in our collective minds so speciously. If anyone viewing wish's to communicate the whereabouts or proffer the names of the unrecognized - it would be appreciated...




 If you have some old photos of this genre and wish to share, please send them along to us...



 Late 1990's photo & Looking left to right:


Jim Hurey (Chairman of the Board) | Nancy Peacos (President)

Grace Wood (Office Manager) | William E. Wood (Chairman of the Board)

Alex Goff (President) | Troy Sulzer (Executive Director)


Thank you Bert Johanson (July 20th 2016)


Can you name these folks & date the photo?




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