Model ER 750 GPM pumper






The familiar piston pumper continued to be the mainstay of the Ahrens-Fox Fire Engine Company of Cincinnati, OH but an increasing number of medium sized centrifugal and rotary gear pumpers were rolling off the assembly floor.


This is a 750 GPM pumper built for the Borough of Stafford Springs, CT. This pumper typifies the styling changes that Ahrens-Fox introduced in the 1930s. Powered by a Hercules RXLD engine with a Hale 750 GPM rotary gear pump. These units were promoted by Ahrens-Fox as the answer to the needs of small communities that wanted quality apparatus on a limited budget. A goodly number were sold during the Depression years.


This unit served the Stafford Springs Fire Department until it was replaced by a newer unit in the 1970's. After that, until the department disbanded in 1996, it was used as a parade piece. When the department disbanded the truck was given to the Stafford Historical Society for preservation. In 2010 the truck was donated to the Connecticut Fire Museum by the historical society.



Story and photos courtesy of Bert Johanson   



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