500 GPM pumper and hose car Type 199




American LaFrance of Elmira, NY built many medium sized fire apparatus on a special chassis supplied by General Motors. This unit is typical of the many fire engines used by smaller cities and towns throughout the US. This was the first motorized fire apparatus in the Town of Bloomfield (CT).


Powered by a Buick six cylinder engine and equipped with an American LaFrance 500 GPM rotary gear pump this apparatus can still draft and pump as well as the day American LaFrance delivered the truck to Bloomfield in a railroad car in 1931.


In its last years of service in Bloomfield the truck was used for grass fires at the Duncaster Road station.  Due to the truck running so infrequently it would smoke when first started and set off the smoke detectors in the fire house!


The truck was donated to the Connecticut Fire Museum by the Bloomfield Fire District in 1973.



Story and photos courtesy of Bert Johanson   



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