1930 Maxim


The photo is a builders picture of our 1930 Maxim that was the first piece in the CFM collection. It was a demo unit built in 1929 by the Maxim Motor Company and later sold to Francis Ingles of Guilford, Ct for use in his shipyard there. The building behind the apparatus was formally a car barn for the New Bedford & Onset Street Railway. Maxim built fire apparatus in this building from 1920 until they went out of business in the 1990's.


This truck was featured in a number of fire service publications in the 1930's because of all the unique features the truck had. In 1936 it was converted to a hose wagon when the pump was removed for use in a new truck Ingles purchased from Maxim. This truck later served Meriden, Wallingford and Torrington before it was retired in 1968.




Mr. Francis Ingalls of Guilford had his own private fire department on his property there. The Maxim was featured in the above ad in "Fire Engineering", April 1932 issue. The photos are of Mr. Ingalls on the Maxim and a picture of his fire house on Chaffinch Island taken in 1937.



1947 photograph of the North Farms Volunteer Fire Department in Wallingford, CT.



 In 1941 Francis Ingals sold his two trucks to Meriden, CT after getting into a dispute with the town of Guilford over a repair bill to the Maxim. In 1946 Meriden sold the 1930 Maxim to the newly formed North Farms Fire Department in Wallingford, CT. The truck was kept in a barn until the department was able to build a Quonset hut building in 1947. In 1952 the Maxim was replaced by a new GMC pumper and was later sold to the Drakeville Volunteer Fire Department in Torrington where it served until it was retired again and sold to the future Connecticut Fire Museum.

This 1975 scene is at the Broad  Brook Mill Pond in East Windsor. A 1930 Seagrave pumper is drafting out of the pond and pumping into the Maxim hose wagon. The Seagrave served Springfield, MA and was owned by a fire museum member. It was one of the trucks that were painted black as an experiment. This truck was later sold to a collector in England.


Story and photos courtesy of Bert Johanson   



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