500 GPM pumper and hose car Model 80E10




This apparatus was delivered to the A.A. Young Hose & Ladder Company in Jewett City, CT and served that town until the 1970's when the apparatus was sold to United Nuclear Corp. for use by their in-plant fire department in Montville, CT.


Built with a Seagrave 8 cylinder engine, Seagrave 500 GPM centrifugal pump, a 200 gallon booster tank and hose body for 1500 ft. of 2 1/2" hose.  The original Seagrave engine failed and was replaced with a Chevrolet 6 cylinder engine before the truck left Jewett City.


Built during WWII with ware time restrictions on the use of chrome the truck has very little bright work on it. Even the fire bell was not chromed and remains in its original brass finish.


Seagraves were built in Columbus, OH until the FWD Corp., Clintonville, WI purchased the company in 1964. Seagrave fire apparatus is now built at the FWD plant in Clintonville alongside FWD trucks and fire apparatus.


UNC built atomic reactors for US Navy submarine's built at the Electric Boat shipyard in Groton, CT. The Montville plant closed in 1990 and the land sold to the Mohegan tribe for the construction of their Mohegan Sun Casino.


In 1988 United Nuclear Corp. donated the truck to the Connecticut Fire Museum after purchasing a new piece of apparatus.



Story and photos courtesy of Bert Johanson   



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