1967 Walter


Walter crash truck at the Broad Brook fireman's parade




  Walter with the 1942 GMC, both served at the East Hartford P&WA plant.



P&WA fire department 1990



1975 scene at Rentschler Field in East Hartford, CT.






Skylark Airport, East Windsor, CT



Walter Motor Company, Voorheesville, NY built this model RFN crash truck for Pratt & Whitney Aircraft, East Hartford, CT in 1967. It carries 2000 lbs. of dry chemical for aircraft type fires. The body was built by Yankee Body Company, Los Angeles, CA. This truck is equiped with the Walter  100% all wheel drive which makes the truck capable of off-road operation.


The Walter Double Reduction Drive axles divide drive forces and reductions between the drive wheels and is the only system that provides a real positive drive to each wheel at all times, thus the Walter term 100% traction.


Originally equipped with a Ford V-8 the truck was repowered in the 1980's with a Detroit 6V71 diesel. The manual transmission was also replaced at the time with an Allison automatic transmission.


The truck served it's entire career at Rentschler Field Airport on the P&WA property in East Hartford. During it's career it responded more than once to petroleum fires especially on I-84 in the East Hartford area. Retired in 1996 the truck was donated to the museum by Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Div. of UTC.


Fully operation today the truck attends local events and fireman's parades.




With the Walter unique drive system - this makes for interesting reading. For easier viewing,

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